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Make the most of your opportunities for cultural heritage tourism by following the National Trust for Historic Preservation's five basic principles. Follow these principles and you’ll avoid many difficulties that could otherwise arise when culture, heritage and tourism become partners.

Much more can be accomplished by working together than by working alone. Successful cultural heritage tourism programs bring together partners who may not have worked together in the past. read more...

Balancing the needs of residents and visitors is important to ensure that cultural heritage tourism benefits everyone. It is important to understand the kind and amount of tourism that your community can handle. read more...

Competition for time is fierce. To attract visitors, you must be sure that the destination is worth the drive. read more...   

Quality is an essential ingredient for all cultural heritage tourism, and authenticity is critical whenever heritage or history is involved. read more...

A community’s cultural, historic, and natural resources are valuable an often irreplaceable. read more...

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