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Cultural Heritage Tourism

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Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Heritage Tourism Toolkit

The toolkit includes how-to reference materials and information about other BLM heritage tourism programs. 


Center for Community and Economic Development's Tourism Business Development Toolbox

This toolbox includes information to help communities develop successful tourism businesses. 


National Park Service

The National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program is always exploring new ways to help communities work together to improve their special places. There is no magic; there are simply some tried and true methods we have learned from the communities where we work. These have become the tools of our trade. Together they form our ToolBox for public participation.


National Trust for Historic Preservation

Dozen Distinctive Destinations Toolkit

The toolkit includes ideas from communities that have been chosen as Dozen Distinctive Destinations. Toolkit

Deparatment of Public Policy - "The Perfect Storm" Resources


National Trust Main Street Center - Resources


See America Week/National Tourism Week Toolkit

A list of ten things cultural organizations can do to celebrate See America/National Tourism Week in May.



Tribal Tourism Toolkit

The National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers has developed a Tribal Tourism Toolkit for the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial and other Tribal Opportunities.  An online copy of the 55 page toolkit is available as a downloadable PDF file.




Colorado's Heritage Tourism Toolkit

Resources for cultural heritage tourism practitioners. Examples of best practices in the field, funding opportunities, helpful organizations and research pointing out the benefits of cultural heritage tourism.  Toolkit



Heritage Tourism Handbook: A How-to-Guide for Georgia

This publication was produced by the Historic Preservation Division of the Georgia, Department of Natural Resources and the Tourism Division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development to assist communities in leveraging their historic assets to realize economic and cultural goals.  This publication is supported in part with a federal Preserve America grant administered by the National Park Service.


New Jersey

    Heritage Tourism Master Plan 2010


North Carolina

     North Carolina Arts Council - Marketing Resource Guide


Texas Cultural Tourism Basics

The Texas Commission on the Arts has devoted a section of the Texas Cultural & Arts Network website to cultural tourism basics: ideas on how to tell your community’s story for tourism purposes; guidelines for developing different types of tours; sample letters and agendas for your tourism committee; a tourism assessment survey; sample tourism messages; community surveys; funding and information resources; and more.  Toolkit


Texas Heritage Trails

The Texas Heritage Trails program received a $147,000 Preserve America Grant to the State Historic Preservation Office. Those funds were to help provide in-depth training for community representatives on the successful development of heritage tourism plans and to develop a new Heritage Tourism Guidebook and a workshop series.


Utah’s Heritage Tourism Toolkit

The Utah State Historical Society’s Office of Preservation has developed a Heritage Tourism Toolkit with practical tools that communities or groups can use to develop, manage or protect their resources.


Vermont Cultural Heritage Tourism Toolkit
A comprehensive and practical guide to developing and promoting cultural heritage tourism in your community available as a full color booklet.  Toolkit


Virginia’s Tourism Handbook

The Virginia Department of Historic Resources has developed a Tourism Handbook.  A print version can be ordered and the introduction to the latest version is available online.



Wyoming Tourism Industry Master Plan 2010-2020


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